The True Height of Fast and Furious Actors, in One Helpful Graphic

Hollywood magic. Photo: Universal Pictures

The Fast and Furious franchise is full of incredible special effects, but none are more impressive, or more subtle, than the series’ efforts to make all of its leading actors appear exactly the same height. Take the scene in Fast Five where Dom Toretto squares off against Luke Hobbs: The two men can look each other right in the eye, even though, in real life, the Rock has a good six inches on Vin Diesel. This effect is repeated in Furious 7, where camera tricks bring the five-foot-ten Jason Statham up to the Rock’s eye level — or is the Rock, Harrison Bergeron–style, being brought down? In the interest of transparency, let’s peek under the hood to see the true height of the actors in the Fast and Furious franchise. We’ve put them in height order — just like a real family! (Note: Vin Diesel’s height was variously reported as five-ten and six feet; we split the difference and made him five-foot-eleven.)

Photo: Getty Images
The True Height of Fast and Furious Actors