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Tomorrowland’s New Trailer: Wait, This Movie Was a Kick-ass Thriller This Whole Time?

Up until now, everything we’ve seen about Tomorrowland has sold the Brad Bird–helmed film as a surrealist adventure with highly possible tie-ins to Disney’s theme parks. But beneath all the fantasy elements lies a genuine thriller, and its latest trailer is the first real peek at what all the action will look like. We see George Clooney, pretty much playing the neighborhood grump, confronted by Britt Robertson about that mysterious pin she’s been using to transport to different worlds. But, in what’s pretty much an extended scene from the film, we also see that she’s being hunted (though it’s unclear why or by whom), with none other than Clooney to come to her rescue. It’s then that it becomes pretty evident that Clooney’s done this before.

George Clooney Kicks Ass in Tomorrowland Trailer