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Google Might Finally Have a Plan to Save You From Spoiler Hell

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday awarded Google a patent for content processing that might finally save you from the senseless depravity of book, TV, and movie spoilers. In the patent, Google details a plan for an app or program that would essentially track the type of content you consume, as well as your progress with that content. Using your data, the app would then blur out posts in your social feeds if they contained spoilers and give you a pop-up warning to save you and your sanity (much like those graphic-content warnings).

Google outlines that the system could also be used in a group setting (think book clubs or classrooms) to measure members’ progress against each other, or even to request spoilers (“For example, the system provides a user with progress stages of other users associated with a book, which allows the user to ask the other users that have finished reading the book for spoilers”).

As Quartz points out, it’s unclear how this system would be applied to social network sites Google doesn’t own. But hey, sounds like a step in the right direction in the age of binge-heavy Netflix. Keep fighting the good fight, Google.

Google Might Finally Save You From Spoiler Hell