Guess Who Kesha’s Childhood Favorite Band Is

Well here’s some random trivia we bet you didn’t know: Kesha loves Guster — a band you’ve either never heard of or are totally obsessed with. (It’s one or the other.) As a kid, she says she even created a cheesy AOL account specifically so she could email their drummer. Fast forward a few years, and last night she finally got the chance to fangirl in person while performing with them at a benefit concert thrown by her “besties” Haim. She also gave a killer performance of “Your Love Is My Drug” with the sisters, in case your forgot what a total gem that song is.

Last night I performed with my besties HAIM AND my childhood favorite band Guster!!!

Posted by Kesha on Friday, April 3, 2015

Bonus! Jenny Lewis showed up to debut an awesome new song.

And Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste joined Haim for a Beach Boys cover.

Guess Who Kesha’s Childhood Favorite Band Is