David Hasselhoff Kickflips a Car, Is a ‘True Survivor’

David Hasselhoff’s VEVO released this music video Thursday because the song, “True Survivor,” is the lead track in an upcoming, retro, martial-arts movie called Kung Fury. (Also, so you could lose your marbles.) “The ‘80s was about fun, action, and heroes,” Hoff said. “The song is perfect for me as I really am, in real life, a true survivor.” No kidding: Hoff shows off in the vid by kickflipping a police car and riding a T-Rex (rad!). If you weren’t alive for the ‘80s, this’ll probably look a lot like a normal scene in Enter the Void or Captain Planet. If you were alive for the ‘80s, this’ll probably look like any of the David Hasselhoff nightmares that you had in the ‘80s.

Hasselhoff Kickflips Car, Is ‘True Survivor’