This Leaked Old Rihanna and Chris Brown Duet Is Even Grosser Than You’d Expect, and You’re Probably Expecting It’s Real Gross

Ew. Photo: Getty Images

Gross and disappointing as it’ll always be to hear Chris Brown and Rihanna reunited on a track — and in life — their collaboration “Nobody’s Business” was one of the best things about RiRi’s last album. Now another duet of theirs has surfaced, called “Put It Up.” It’s presumably a leftover from Brown’s last album (he’d previously teased the song in an interview), and it’s rumored Rihanna wouldn’t let him release it when they broke up again. And if their brief reconciliation already made you want to vomit, we can pretty much guarantee hearing them talk dirty to each other, whispering sweet nothings like, “Treat me like I’m your property,” won’t be kind on your gag reflex. 

Hear an Unreleased Chris Brown and Rihanna Duet