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Yes, We Knew Joan Had Been Married Twice on Mad Men

On last night’s Mad Men, Joan reluctantly admitted to her new suitor Richard that she’s a mom. He balked initially, but came crawling back, flowers in hand (and ascot on neck), begging for a second chance, which she seemed likely to give him. It was all pretty charming, really. But Joan also admitted to Richard that she’s been divorced twice, something the show has only mentioned in passing once before. We know Joan is divorced from her rapist Greg, and she’s said that other men have proposed to her, but it isn’t until season six’s “To Have and to Hold” that we find out Joan was married before Greg. To someone named Scotty, apparently.

“The worst six months of her life” is really saying something — Joan has had a not hugely pleasant life. But now she’s rich! Maybe things will work out with this new dude! And maybe little Kevin will grow up to be a decent fellow, unmarred by his mother’s ambivalence.

Proof Joan Had Been Married Twice on Mad Men