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Jon Stewart Reveals the Date of His Final Daily Show Appearance

Our last glimpse of Jon Stewart helming the satirical news coverage at The Daily Show will be August 6 (if that feels too soon, it’s because it is). Stewart unveiled the date of his final Daily Show broadcast during Monday night’s show. He avoided boos and other sad noises by joking about what he’s going to wear, plugging an insane special fan package for his last show, and selling hugs, maybe.

Here’s a transcript of Stewart’s update, which kind of felt like someone bailing on a party too early, with no remorse, only awkward jokes. (Then again, we understand he has his reasons … and all good things must come to an end, etc.)

Hey, that’s our show. One quick thing before we go. I mentioned I’d keep you up-to-date on any new information we had about the transition of the program — all those other things. We do have some specific information: My last Daily Show program will be August the sixth, I’ll be wearing a suit, I’ll more than likely be showered … I’m sorry, I’ll be wearing overalls and I won’t shower. I hope that you will join us for that program. As a matter of fact, you can actually join us here, in reality. Enter a chance to win tickets to my final episode of The Daily Show. It’s gonna be a pretty good episode, I think. You’ll be flown to New York, put up in a nice hotel, you might even sit here, maybe I’ll give you a little … selfie there. All the money goes to Night of Too Many Stars, New York Collaborates for Autism.

Jon Stewart Reveals Date of Final TDS Appearance