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Kendrick Lamar Is Totally Misusing His Influence in Awkward Reebok Commercial

There’s a running poem in Kendrick Lamar’s new album that unfolds with every song. It begins, “I remember you was conflicted / Misusing your influence / Sometimes I did the same,” which makes his new commercial for Reebok all the more uncomfortable to watch. Kendrick’s worked with the footwear brand before; he even released a poignant ad a few months ago meant to empower kids affected by poverty and violence. His latest commercial tries to do the same, though this time the message gets a bit more muddled. On the surface, it’s a rallying cry for revolution, but its “we, the people” ethos is about as transparent as Jay Z’s Tidal. Because the only self-evident truth in this is that brands will pimp anything, including Kendrick’s influence, to make a quick buck. Fashion killed the rap star? For Kendrick’s sake, we hope not.

Kendrick’s New Reebok Commercial Is Awkward