Kurt Cobain Once Dressed Up As Hitler in a Dress to Defend Courtney Love Against Hate Mail

Kurt Cobain’s sense of humor might’ve been lost on those who only saw his angst and sorrow, but trust that it was there all along. As proof, his upcoming HBO documentary Montage of Heck has uncovered an old home-video of Cobain with his wife, Courtney Love. In it, Love reads a hateful letter sent to the editor of Sassy magazine from a Nirvana fan apparently disgusted that the magazine would run an interview with “that Courtney hag” alongside the “god of love in human form.” Meanwhile, Kurt, wearing what appears to be a wedding dress and Hitler’s mustache, mockingly mouths the writer’s words. Offensive and weird as all that may sound, it’s actually strangely sweet if you think about. He’s essentially dissing his own fan to stick up for his wife (who’s been a constant target of vitriol, both then and now). Aww!

Kurt Cobain Dressed Up As Hitler in a Dress