Look at This Monstrous Statue of Lucille Ball

There it is.

Resembling the spawn of Han Solo’s carbon shell and a child’s drawing of Tilda Swinton, a hideous statue of I Love Lucy’s Lucille Ball has been the bane of the town of Celoron, New York, for the past six years.

Erected in 2009 to (in theory) honor the woman who transformed television in the 1950s by stealing it from the clutches of New York intellectuals and delivering it to Hollywood, the off-brown sculpture has been met with understandable horror by pretty much everyone. According to the Post-Journal, Celoron’s mayor wants to replace the statue’s monstrous head, which would cost around $10,000. However, it seems that simply decapitating Lucy and installing a new dome won’t satisfy the community, which is demanding an entirely new monument with a well-named Facebook group called “We Love Lucy! Get Rid of this Statue.” Keep fighting the good fight, guys.