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Meet BB-8, the Adorable New Star Wars Character You’ll Love More Than Your Parents

Bye, Mom and Dad! Who needs familial love when there is AN ADORABLE SOCCER-BALL ROBOT THAT DEMANDS 100 PERCENT OF YOUR HEART? Yes, you might have caught your first glimpse of the cute li’l BB-8 in that Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser from a few months ago, but J.J. Abrams rolled him out onstage this morning at Star Wars Celebration, and let’s just say he made R2-D2 look like a passed-out Danny DeVito covered in burrs. BB-8 is basically Wall-E crossed with Woola, and we simply cannot get enough. Look at these GIFs and try not to die of happiness.

Meet BB-8, the Adorable New Star Wars Robot