Why Does Michael Douglas Want to Kill This Poor, Shirtless Hunk?

In his new movie Beyond the Reach, Michael Douglas plays a high-powered businessman who drags a hot, innocent twink young tour guide into the Mojave Desert to help him hunt big game. Alas, the excursion takes a wrong turn when Douglas aims for an animal and ends up killing another human; the only witness to the crime is that poor twink, and now he’s the hunted one, running across the desert as Douglas follows in hot pursuit (as you’ll see in this exclusive clip from the movie). The upside? At least Douglas makes the kid take off all his clothes before the chase commences. Yes, that’s supposed to slow him down by exposing him to the scalding-hot desert sun, but when the tour guide is played by the awfully gorgeous Jeremy Irvine (best known for Steven Spielberg’s War Horse), we doubt that any audience members will protest his movie-spanning shirtlessness. Check it all out for yourself tomorrow, when Beyond the Reach debuts in theaters and on demand.

Michael Douglas Tries to Kill a Shirtless Hunk