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Batman v Superman Final Trailer: Let’s Get to the Good Stuff, Shall We?

In typical Zack Snyder fashion, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice looks dark and dour, with so much CGI, so much brooding, so much anger. It seems that the citizens of Metropolis didn’t appreciate how Superman pretty much destroyed their entire city in his demigod fisticuffs with Michael Shannon, likely killing millions of people in the process. The final trailer, released in the run-up to the film’s arrival on March 25, is specifically designed to highlight only the most intense moments of the film: a demonstration of Batman’s surprising strength, the moment Bruce Wayne meets Diana Prince, and, oh, right, the actual cataclysmic showdown between Batman and Superman. If you were on the fence about seeing the movie before, let Batman and Superman hurl you through it. Watch the first and second trailers below.

Watch Batman v Superman Final Trailer: God v Man