Rabia From ‘Serial’ Is Making Her Own Podcast About Adnan

Adnan Syed.

No matter what happens with Adnan Syed’s appeal, it won’t be covered on season two of “Serial” — the record-breaking podcast is switching to an entirely new narrative for its next installment. Luckily, Rabia Chaudry is filling the gap — next week, she and two other lawyers are launching a new podcast, “Undisclosed: The State vs. Adnan Syed,” which they say will explore “new evidence and information” about his conviction. “Serial” fans might recall that Chaudry was the family friend of Adnan’s who first contacted Sarah Koenig about looking into his case, and unlike the ever-wavering Koening, she’s been steadfast in her belief that Adnan is innocent. In February, Syed won an appeal to grant post-conviction relief; the date of the appeal hearing has not been set.

Rabia From ‘Serial’ Is Making a New Podcast