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Robert Downey Jr. Walked Out on an Interview Today When Things Got Testy

Press junkets can be difficult and repetitive when you’re promoting a franchise the magnitude of The Avengers. And during an interview with Channel 4 News’ Krishnan Guru-Murthy today, things got especially frustrating for Robert Downey Jr. when, after some general (and boring) questions about Age of Ultron, Guru-Murthy decided to change the subject. Things started to go wrong when Guru-Murthy brought up some quotes RDJ gave to the New York Times in 2008 about his incarceration and how his time behind bars changed his political views. Downey, visibly annoyed by the line of questioning, reminds Guru-Murthy that he’s there to promote a movie, and politely attempts to clarify his previous comments. His response probably should’ve cut the tension, but Guru-Murty continued to pry, prompting RDJ to end the interview entirely with a simple “bye” and a wave.

This isn’t the first time Guru-Murthy has ruffled the feathers of a famous interviewee: In 2013, he got shut down by Quentin Tarantino after pressing the director about the negative effects of violence in his films. Free advice: Don’t piss off Iron Man; he’s BFFs with the Hulk!

RDJ Walked Out on a Very Uncomfortable Interview