coachella 2015

Report: Justin Bieber Put in Choke Hold, Exiled From Coachella

Drake’s interesting set at Coachella was also pretty interesting behind the scenes. TMZ reports that Justin Bieber and his squad caused a kerfuffle at the music fest when they got stonewalled at the artist’s entrance during the rapper’s set. Biebs wanted to hang with Drake, but Coachella staffers said no because the area was at capacity. TMZ’s sources claim Bieber pissed off employees there by relentlessly insisting he had been invited to the area by his fellow countryman. One security guard was so peeved he put Bieber in a choke hold, and probably called him Joffrey (okay, we’re just guessing). Bieber’s security reportedly tussled with Coachella’s security — because nobody puts him in a choke hold but them — before the singer decided to wrangle his crew and leave. TMZ adds Bieber’s team might take legal action against Coachella’s security.

Report: Bieber Put in Choke Hold at Coachella