Russell Peters Claims Trevor Noah Stole Jokes [Updated]

On a recent episode of Channel NewsAsia’s Conversation With, comedian Russell Peters was asked — in a series of backhanded questions — if he’s jealous of Trevor Noah’s appointment as Jon Stewart’s successor. Peters said no and, in the same breath, called Noah a thief. “He’s stolen material from David Kau, he’s stolen material from myself,” Peters said. “You don’t borrow in this business. If you’re a comedian, that’s like stealing somebody’s underwear and putting them on. That doesn’t make any sense. Why would you do that?” Noah has refuted the David Kau–joke-stealing allegations in the past, but has yet to comment on Peters’s latest claims. For what it’s worth, Stewart wants people to give Noah a chance.

Update: Peters is now saying it was a prank. Good prank.

Russell Peters: Trevor Noah Stole Jokes [Update]