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If You Want to Have Sex in a Box While People Watch, You’re Going to Have to Do It on Your Own Time Now

Photo: Courtesy of WE Entertainment

Sex Box, we hardly knew you — though we also knew you too well. After five episodes, WE tv has pulled the show in which real couples have sex in a box for watching experts (a.k.a. sexperts) who give advice afterward. After the “controversial” show failed to garner a legit audience, WE tv felt weird about the whole thing, saying, “Sex Box was a bold programming swing that broke new ground but did not connect with large numbers of viewers.” It’s one thing to air Sex Box; it’s another to air it if no one’s watching, because then you’re just creeps paying people to have sex in a box for you. WE tv added that it is considering “a potential reformatted version of the show.” Meaning they have a box that, for some reason, no one wants. So next fall, get ready to see Tex-Mex Box, a show in which experts (a.k.a. Tex-Mexperts) watch couples eat refried beans in a box that people had sex in a few months before. It will be disgusting. 

Sex Box Taken Off the Air