8 Songs Hillary Clinton Should Use on the Campaign Trail

Photo: LogoTV and Andrew Burton/Getty

This weekend, Hillary Clinton came clean about her second attempt to enter the White House as the first female president of the United States. Her announcement video, posted on Facebook, felt like a two-minute ad for the United Colors of Benneton; the generic infomercial music was especially boring. You can do better than that, HC! Since we know the Clintons have pretty decent taste in music (see the 1993 Fleetwood Mac reunion that Bill Clinton made happen), we’d like to suggest the Clinton machinery spice things up a little bit on the campaign trail with these selections. (Feel free to leave more suggestions in the comments.)

“Supermodel,” RuPaul
Hillary would be crazy not to take advantage of that fact that she’s already received an endorsement from the host of your favorite television show. 

“Money,” Liza Minnelli 
She’s been accused of being in the pocket of corporate interests. Maybe she should just own it and use this Cabaret classic during town-hall meetings.

“Just a Girl,” No Doubt
A vote for Hillary is basically a vote for this song being a sad-yet-accurate reflection of gender dynamics in America — and how important it is to change them.

“Bitch Better Have My Money,” Rihanna 
A promise to raise the capital gains tax.

“Just Fine,” Mary J. Blige
2008 was so long ago!

“Creep,” TLC
We’ve been there.

“Oh Bondage! Up Yours!” X-Ray Spex
Only to be used in the event of a Hillary Clinton–Elizabeth Warren ticket.

“Blessings,” Big Sean feat. Drake and Kanye West
Turn up in Iowa hosted by Big Sean?

Songs Hillary Clinton Should Use to Campaign