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That Time Sutton Foster Made a Fake Résumé to Try to Get a Part in Rent

Photo: Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

In the super-charming Younger pilot, Sutton Foster’s character Liza lies about her age (and a few other things) to get a job. So when we caught up with Foster at the Cinema Society premiere of her show Tuesday night, we couldn’t help but ask if she’s ever lied to get a job. Turns out, early in her career, she auditioned for a tour of Rent that wanted people with no experience, so she fibbed a bit to seem green. “I got a photo strip of myself from a photo booth,” Foster says. “I sang along with a cassette tape [of] Janis Joplin. And I made up like a fake résumé.” She got called back until the very end, but didn’t get the part. “So it didn’t ultimately work, but it did get me in the door.”

Sutton Foster on Lying to Get a Part in Rent