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Taylor Swift Wants You to Move to China and Buy a Hybrid — Don’t Ask Why: It’s Her Dream, Her ‘Wildest Dream’

You have to assume that celebrities agree to appear in random commercials that’ll only air in China thinking that no one will ever get a hold of them elsewhere. Well, welcome to the internet, Taylor, where people find everything. We now know that Swift stars in not one but two Chinese commercials for Toyota’s Camry Hybrid — how very ecofriendly of her! — set to her 1989 track “Wildest Dreams.” And though we can’t quite imagine that owning a car is that much of a wild dream for someone with Tay’s millions, it’s probably a lot of her Chinese fans’ dream come true to have her perform the song with Chinese piano prodigy Li Yundi. (She’s still no McConaughey, though.)

Funny enough, she’s done this before. Taylor was previously Toyota Asia Pacific’s advocate for seatbelt safety. Go, Tay!

Swift’s ‘Wildest Dreams’ Involve Hybrids & China