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This James Corden Clip Is a Very Good Counterpoint to That Grumpy Conan Writer

This weekend, Conan writer Andrés du Bouchet went on his Matt Albie high horse about the current state of late-night comedy, taking aim at the “games and lip-syncing and nostalgia and karaoke” that increasingly fill the airwaves after 11:30. As if on cue, Monday night brought James Corden with a perfect example of what du Bouchet was talking about. Alongside celebrity guests Tony Hale, Rosario Dawson, and Sharon Osbourne, Corden turned his Late Late Show audience into a giant game of Guess Who, and … well, that was basically it. No jokes, just four minutes of famous people playing a childhood game. But guess what — it was pretty great, a charming, inventive idea that takes just as much creativity as a solid monologue punch line.

This Corden Bit Perfectly Rebuts Conan Writer