This Week in Comedy: The ‘Mr. Show’ Reunion Is a Go

-Netflix ordered a new sketch series, With Bob and David, from Mr. Show creators Bob Odenkirk and David Cross. It tapes its live portions in LA later this month.

-Trevor Noah was named the next host of The Daily Show.

-After 18 years, writer/performer Brian Stack said goodbye to Conan. He’s headed back to New York to write for Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

-James Corden has quickly made his Late Late Show into one of the best shows on late night.

-We’re pretty sure we discovered the most plagiarized joke of all time.

-We reviewed Saturday’s excellent Dwayne Johnson-hosted SNL.

-We took you inside the ever-expanding world of China, IL with creator Brad Neely and executive producer Daniel Weidenfeld.

-We listed the 20 best comedy movies of all time.

-We explain why Inside No. 9 took the bottle episode to claustrophobic new heights.

-We found out from Joe List, longtime New York comedy fixture, why this could be his summer.

-Second City gave us a sneak peek of a 1987 pilot where Mike Myers and Richard Kind tried to out-prank each other.

-This Week in Web Videos featured James Coker and Marshall Stratton’s The Other Kennedys.

-This week in comedy podcasts Paul F. Tompkins’ Spontaneation premiered on Earwolf, and we told you the other best podcasts you should be listening to.

-We talked with Grace Spelman about tweets, tweeting, and other Twitter-related things.

-We looked at our new favorite genre of comedy: boxing post-fight rants.

And here are your top five web videos of the week:

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This Week in Comedy: The ‘Mr. Show’ Reunion Is a Go