True Detective Season 2’s Most True Detective–y Faces
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True Detective Faces

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Photo: HBO

Dead-eyed Vince Vaughn, giving his best Psycho remake.

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Photo: HBO

Sad-eyed Colin Farrell, who is truly sorry he forgot to turn the oven off before you two drove 30 miles and then had to turn right around.

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Photo: HBO

Serious-eyed Taylor Kitsch, who's ready to be put in, Coach, why won't you just put him in the game?

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... Or do you prefer this Taylor Kitsch, who would rather you not bring up his role in Battleship.

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Photo: HBO

Downward-eyed Rachel McAdams, who seems to have gotten herself a brand-new "cop haircut."

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Photo: HBO

... Or do you prefer this Rachel McAdams, who also owns a vest that says "Police"?

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Photo: HBO

Hard-eyed Kelly Reilly, who definitely knows something you'd prefer she didn't. 

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Photo: HBO

And this guy. His eyes? Shh.


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