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Vin Diesel, Typically Adorable, Thought He Break-danced for the Beastie Boys, But He Didn’t

Last month, Vin Diesel told a charming story to Jimmy Kimmel (as he does) about the time when he was 16 and break-danced for the Beastie Boys. Well, it seems that’s not exactly how it went. Last night, Ad-Rock set the record straight on Seth Meyers, explaining that what really happened was that MCA, being the nice guy that he was, let Diesel pretend to be the Beastie Boys’ dancer so he could get into an NYC nightclub while underage. Sadly, he never really danced for them. And though Ad-Rock seems to think Diesel “Vanilla Ice’d” us all (pretty sure he meant “Milli Vanilli’d”), it’s obvious Diesel is still living out his teenage fantasy, because he’s just that adorable.

Vin Diesel Wasn’t Actually a Beastie Boys Dancer