There Isn’t Nearly Enough Blue Ivy in Jay Z’s ‘Glory’ Video

With Jay Z’s Tidal a few weeks old — and already under heavy fire from his music peers — it’s about time the man running the show released some exclusive content of his own. Today he’s put out the video for “Glory” — no, not the Common and John Legend song from Selma, but the song he released in 2012, just after the birth of his daughter, Blue Ivy. But, sadly, although her adorable little baby coos are heard on the track, she’s nowhere to be seen in the video (which features footage from the rehearsals for his 2012 Carnegie Hall shows). We do, however, see Jay Z be a total dad and show off what looks like baby pics of Blue on his phone to Alica Keys and Nas. What a family man!

Watch Jay Z’s New Video for ‘Glory’