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Watch the Dramatic Opening Scene of Gored, a Documentary About the Most-Gored Matador in Modern History

Meet Antonio Barrera, who has the strange distinction of being the most-gored bullfighter in modern history. He’s been gored 23 times and undergone 17 surgeries. The documentary Gored looks at his final performance: Barrera has decided to retire after this final bullfight in León, Mexico, with his wife and daughter watching in the audience. Here’s an exclusive look at the dramatic opening scene from Gored, where Barrera starts off the fight kneeling on the ground in front of the gate, which director Ido Mizrahy says is one of the most dangerous moves in bullfighting. Talk about a dramatic entrance. The film begins its run at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 16.

GORED / Opening Scene from Motherlode Films on Vimeo.

Watch the Most-Gored Matador in Modern History