Netflix Sent an Email Suggesting a Show Called Scrotal Recall. Here’s How People Reacted.

What a name. Photo: Netflix

If you’re signed up for Netflix, then you know the service frequently sends out emails updating users with new programming available for streaming. Sometimes, it even makes suggestions for shows it thinks you might enjoy. Well, that PR scheme kind of backfired today when subscribers found a suggestion for a show called — wait for it — Scrotal Recall sitting in their inbox. With a name like that, naturally it’s a British series — gotta love the Brits and their cheeky zero-damns-given humor. (It’s also the title of a Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode.) No surprise, the reactions to the email were priceless.

To be fair, the show, about a guy who gets an STD and has to contact all his former sexual partners to give them the bad news, actually sounds kind of awesome? (It certainly adds some context to the name.) Maybe Netflix is on to something. Here’s a trailer for the show, in case you’re not convinced.

When Netflix Suggests Scrotal Recall