Check Out While We’re Young’s Hilarious Ayahuasca Scene

Noah Baumbach’s new comedy While We’re Young has done gangbusters business in limited release, but on the eve of the movie’s nationwide expansion, what better time to take an exclusive look at one of the movie’s funniest scenes? First, a little background: While We’re Young follows 40-something marrieds Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts as they fall in with a 20-something hipster couple played by Adam Driver and Amanda Seyfried. The younger duo quickly adds some zest into the lives of their older counterparts, never more so than when they manage to convince Stiller and Watts to get high as a kite with them at a trippy ayahuasca ceremony. Press play to check out a tasty morsel from that comic centerpiece, as an ayahuasca-addled Stiller and Watts argue while Driver and Seyfried calmly pop zits nearby.

Check Out While We’re Young’s Ayahuasca Scene