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Will Smith Looks Stylish on the Set of Suicide Squad

Jared Leto’s Joker likes tattoos and laughing, Will Smith’s Deadshot likes hats and shopping. Thanks to photos taken on the set of David Ayer’s forthcoming Suicide Squad project, here’s the first look at Smith’s character, sans guns and bullets, but with plenty of fatal fashion statements. (Oh, you wanted the truly badass version? Okay, here.) Fans can deduce that Smith’s character will be bald and kind of stylish (if this is a period piece). Deadshot, known in the DC comicscape as an assassin-for-hire, is primarily an enemy of Batman, which is why some people are very hopeful there will be a Batfleck cameo. A guy with Affleck’s chin and what looks like bat ears was walking around set with a sheet over his head, so chances look good.

Will Smith films a scene in the snow while on set of his new movie “Suicide Squad” in Toronto, Canada. Photo: S Fernandez/Splash News/Corbis/? Copyright 2015 Corbis
Ben Affleck in costume as Batman gets covered up on the set of ‘Suicide Squad’ in Toronto, Canada. Photo: S Fernandez / Splash News/? www.splashnews.com


Will Smith Looks Stylish in Suicide Squad