You’ll Be Able to Buy a BB-8 Toy for Christmas, Because Disney Is Not About to Turn Down Truckloads of Money

Star Wars: The Force Awakens
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BB-8 in the Force Awakens trailer.

The people demand a BB-8 to call their own and Disney will quite happily sell it to them. The Times has the rundown on the studio’s attempts to create a freewheeling BB-8 toy for the droid’s new legions of fans — a harder task than it might seem, as the robot in the movie was pushed around by a crew member. According to the Times, Disney’s solution was to team with Sphero, the company whose smartphone-controlled ball forms the basis of that BB-8 replica that went viral this week. Sphero’s BB-8 will be about the size of “a large Granny Smith apple” and be in stores in time for Christmas, but the company is keeping mum on pricing, as well as how exactly the thing works. If you want one, consider signing up for the mailing list here. As Han Solo always said, hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for an adorable soccer-robot in your hands.

You Will Be Able to Buy a BB-8 Toy for Christmas