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Here’s What We Know About You’re the Worst’s New Season

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You’re the Worst doesn’t have an official return date yet, but if you’re a fan, you’re eager for Gretchen and Jimmy news. So when we caught up with Chris Geere, Aya Cash, and showrunner Stephen Falk at the FX Bowling Party, we found out everything we could about the new season. Here’s what we learned.

Jimmy and Gretchen will try to ignore that they live together.
“The first episode looks at how they’ve basically just been getting smashed together since they moved in,” Geere told us. Falk elaborated, “Jimmy and Gretchen [are] really trying to keep the party alive and not succumb, not really admit to the fact that they live together. So they’re just partying really hard.”

They’ll both be focused on their careers.
We’ll also get to see a little more about Gretchen and Jimmy’s careers this season. Gretchen and the trio of rappers she represents come to a “little bit of a creative difference,” Falk says. Jimmy is trying to figure out what to do after his first book didn’t do well. Falk gave us a brief summary of that book’s Turgenev-esque content: “It’s about fathers and sons and industrial England and stuff like that. It’s very pretentious.” He elaborates: “If I remember correctly, the character in the book, the Jimmy character, and his dad go on a road trip to London to the headquarters of the auto company that’s closing the plant in their shitty little town and try to confront him.”

Gretchen probably won’t read Jimmy’s book.
So, now that Gretchen lives with him, is she going to read his novel and all his drafts and be a generally supportive girlfriend? Cash doesn’t think so. She jokes about the first novel, “She’ll probably pretend she read it and read, like, the Wikipedia thing, which probably has all the wrong information about it.” And on any drafts of new work: “I feel like Gretchen would lie or have Lindsay read it for her and give her the short version.”

What We Know About You’re the Worst’s New Season