Feuding One Direction Finally Enters Oasis Phase of British Boy-Band Development

Here we go… Photo: Getty Images

It feels like just yesterday the dudes of One Direction were thrown into an X Factor–manufactured boy band together and forced to hug each other like they were the best of friends. Today, that dream officially ended. It all started when solo artist Zayn Malik retweeted a picture of himself with his new BFF, DJ Naughty Boy:

NBD, Zayn probably thought, admiring his newly shaven head. His ex-bandmate Louis Tomlinson picked up on the photo’s super-shady caption, however, and fired back with some shots at Naughty Boy and a petty subtweet for Zayn:

But that wasn’t the first time Louis picked a fight with Naughty Boy on Twitter, and it seems Zayn’s fed up with the drama, because he retaliated with a clapback for the ages, Twitter mention and all. Noel Gallagher would be proud.

Remember Zayn’s sappy first solo song? You might wanna hit play on that right about now, Directioners.

1D’s Zayn and Louis Got Into a Twitter Beef