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Adam Levine Got Sugar-Bombed Because He’s Been Begging for It

For months, Adam Levine has been begging on his knees for us all to put it down on him because, apparently, he needs a little sweetness in his life. Ask and you shall receive, Adam. While signing autographs for fans outside of Kimmel’s studios, some fan who either has a great sense of irony or really hates the song “Sugar” finally decided to give Adam more sugar than he can possibly ever handle by dumping what appears to be tons of powdered sugar on the Maroon 5 front man. And boy, does he look pissed. Here’s some footage of how it all went down:

And here’s what Adam looked like in the aftermath:

The sugar-bomber has reportedly been arrested, so Adam will live to sing his ode to cavities another day.

Adam Levine Got Sugar-Bombed