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Alan Thicke Listens to Robin Thicke’s Music While Banging

I’ve heard of blurred lines, but this is ridiculous! Photo: CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

In a recent interview with Us Weekly, Alan Thicke and his wife Tanya Callau managed to find a way to make Robin Thicke’s music even grosser: They talked about how they do sex to it! “When we do get freaky, we love ’Sex Therapy,’” said Callau of the 2009 song from Thicke the Younger. “You have to admit, it’s a great song to get in the mood.” Added Thicke père, “Getting freaky to your son’s voice, it’s …” his voice trailed off, replaced only with the silent screams of a thousand generations.

Alan Thicke Listens to Robin’s Music During Sex