Another ‘Three Stooges’ Movie Is Happening with the Same Cast and New Writer

You probably didn’t ask for it, but it’s happening anyway: Another Three Stooges movie starring Sean Hayes as Larry, Chris Diamantopoulos as Moe, and Will Sasso as Curly is in the works. According to Deadline, a sequel to the 2012 Stooges is officially happening, only this time it’s not a Farrelly brothers film. Instead, the next installment will be written by Cameron Fay, who also wrote the upcoming Lorne Michaels-produced film Brothers in Law starring Taran Killam and directed by SNL’s Matt Villines and Oz Rodriguez aka Matt and Oz. A director for the new Stooges film has not yet been announced.

Another ‘Three Stooges’ Movie Is Happening with the […]