The Art World Is Currently in Venice on Gondolas Having More Fun Than You

Chances are, you’re sitting at a desk while reading this, ignoring emails, maybe sipping a profoundly mediocre bodega coffee. There’s only a very small chance that you are actually in Venice, Italy, sitting on a gondola, Negroni in hand, passing by the ancient buildings of one of history’s grandest cities.

Well, that is reality right now for the top-tier art-world big shots. They’ve all convened in the city bisected by canals for the 2015 Venice Biennale, with 88 countries filling pavilions with the best art their nation has to offer.

And there are also parties! And spritzers! And more rides on gondolas! Judging by my Instagram feed, that’s what people really care about over there. Here’s a bunch of pictures of fancy art people winning in life while you and I spend all day staring at a screen.

And look back at SEEN for coverage — actual coverage, like dispatches from our reporters at the Arsenale — throughout the week.

The Art World Is in Venice on Boats and Winning