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Marvel Confirms That Basically Every Superhero Will Be in Civil War

Captain America will be in there somewhere. Photo: Marvel

Did you hear that Iron Man, Black Panther, and Tim Canterbury were going to be in next year’s Captain America: Civil War? Well, now they have company: Marvel today announced that basically every other character in the MCU will be joining them. Besides the previously announced Baron Zemo, we’ve also got Black Widow, Hawkeye, Sharon Carter, Crossbones, and the Winter Soldier, as well as the New Avengers lineup teased at the end of Age of Ultron: Falcon, War Machine, Vision, and Scarlet Witch. That leaves only Thor and the Hulk absent; a rebooted Spider-Man is also expected to make an appearance, but has not yet been cast. Perhaps most interesting for hardcore Marvel nerds is the inclusion of William Hurt’s “Thunderbolt” Ross, the villain from 2008’s The Incredible Hulk, which is finally proof that that film does currently exist in MCU canon, despite being the lone flop in the batch. Somewhere, Edward Norton is feeling incredibly vindicated.

Basically Every Superhero Will Be in Civil War