summer of 69

Bryan Adams Totally Knows His ‘Really Great’ Song Haunted Ryan Adams Forever

Your new fave covers band? Photo: Getty Images

The internet is still freaking out over Ryan Adams’s long-overdue cover of Bryan Adams’s “Summer of ‘69” last week — even Bryan Adams himself. He confirmed to SFGate that he has indeed heard the cover and was in on it the whole time (well, for a day):

“Yes, I heard it. Ryan wrote to me to tell me the day before that he was going to do it. I think it was some sort of cathartic release for him to return to that venue and play that song, as you probably know the story there. So I think in some ways, he has been haunted by the song somewhat, which is a shame because it’s a really great song. Anyway, I’m happy he did it. He’s a great artist. And sure I’d sing one of his songs, I’m not sure which one though.”

How about something from his Whiskeytown days? Or better yet: Form a covers band! I can think of a few people who’d pay to see them cover each other’s deep cuts every night on tour.

Bryan Adams Talks Ryan Adams Cover