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Cannes: Benicio del Toro and Josh Brolin Break Promise to Wear High Heels

Josh Brolin, Benicio del Toro.

Earlier today in Cannes, Benicio del Toro, Josh Brolin, and director Denis Villeneuve had vowed to wear high heels to the premiere of their new Mexican-drug-cartel movie, Sicario, in protest of an antiquated Cannes Film Festival dress code that requires women to wear high heels to all nighttime gala premieres. (The dress code has been all anyone can talk about here in Cannes, after several women in their 50s, including some with health problems with their legs, were denied entry to the Palais for wearing flats.) Did the men of Sicario follow through in their gesture of solidarity against oppressive footwear? Sadly, no. At the film’s after-party, del Toro could be seen standing around in comfy black men’s dress shoes while his co-star Emily Blunt, in high-heeled sandals, had to keep sitting on the backs of couches because her feet clearly hurt. As del Toro explained to Vulture, he really had wanted to stay good on his word. “I tried!” he said. “I tried to find high heels, but, sadly, I can’t walk in them.” Brolin, too, couldn’t get outfitted in time, which is a shame, because del Toro is sure he would have rocked them: “Josh can do anything,” del Toro said with a wink.

Cannes: Brolin, Del Toro Break Vow to Wear Heels