Conan O’Brien and Nick Offerman Are Two BFFs Who Write Nerdy Love Letters to Each Other

Tall Sir and the Insufferable Bastard. Photo: Getty Images

Sometimes there are garbage emails, and sometimes there are emails from “somebody good.” Brimming with vim, adoration, and a dash of pomp, Nick Offerman highlights Conan O’Brien in an excerpt at GQ from his latest book, Gumption: Relighting the Torch of Freedom With America’s Gutsiest Troublemakers, whom he addresses as “Dear Tall Sir” to ask him if he’ll participate in the book, which looks at 21 of Offerman’s heroes:

Since my list of swell Americans must necessarily be quite subjective, I can’t help but think of you and your, frankly, carnal dance moves and the sense of humor behind which you proffer a mighty intelligence and gentle compassion. I’ll be honest: I intend to lionize you. To supplement my detailed recollection of your rippling abdominals, glistening with sunscreen in the Seattle half-light, I would love to engage you in an interview.

Conan responds to “Nick you insufferable bastard”: “How much time will you need? Forty seconds? A full minute?” For his friend Nick, the world: “Count me in, old chum. Let’s figure out a date and I will disappoint with meandering tales.” Offerman ends their exchange with the note: “I guess the headline here is: We talk to each other like total nerds. Passionately. Unabashedly.” You bet it is.

Conan and Nick Offerman Are Two BFFs in Love