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David Lynch’s Coffee Is for Humans

David Lynch fans are trying to regain their composure after the life-altering news — well, really more of a tease, but a pretty indisputable tease — that the Criterion Collection will be releasing Lynch’s masterpiece Mulholland Drive on Blu-ray. Until the day the Blu-ray officially drops (and what a beautiful day that will be), you can watch the new commercial for David Lynch’s signature coffee on repeat to get your Lynch fix.

The commercial wasn’t actually directed by Lynch, sadly, but it does have that undeniable Lynch feel. His coffee, the commercial attests, isn’t for robots — it’s for people. (Sorry, robots.) Lynch previously advertised his coffee by having a strange conversation with Barbie dolls. Really.

But that’s not all! Lynch fans are seemingly getting some consolation after the Twin Peaks–Showtime debacle: You can listen to a gorgeous new reworking of an old song by frequent Lynch consort Angelo Badalementi, who brought his sultry, sinister style to Lynch’s Twin Peaks. The composer has reworked his song “Mysteries of Love” from Lynch’s suburban nightmare Blue Velvet, recruiting Kid Moxie to perform vocal duties. It’s a lush, haunting new rendition, with Moxie’s voice capable of filling an infinite void. It’ll help tide over Lynch fans a bit longer before the big day.

So drink some damn good coffee and listen to some damn good music.

David Lynch’s Coffee Is for Humans