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Nightingale Trailer: David Oyelowo Wants All the Awards

By now, everyone knows the story of how David Oyelowo was robbed of an Oscar nomination (and win) for his performance in Selma. (Even Chris Pine had a good cry over it.) But that’s old news, and Oyelowo’s back for more awards — this time, an Emmy and/or a Golden Globe! Oyelowo stars in HBO’s new film Nightingale, where he plays a war veteran named Peter Snowden (probably not related to Ed) whose behavior has become increasingly erratic since coming home. No surprise, Oyelowo carries the film (he’s already been nominated for a TV Critics’ Choice award for the performance), and the film’s first trailer is basically just a montage of him stunting on the Academy haters. Well deserved! Nightingale airs May 29.

See the Trailer for David Oyelowo’s HBO Film