Found Photography: Moms With Cute Kids, Just in Time for Mother’s Day

Photo: Oliver Wasow

Back in December, we would occasionally interrupt the regular programming here at SEEN to bring you a batch of found photography from Oliver Wasow, whom New York’s senior art critic Jerry Saltz has known since the East Village scene in the ‘80s. Back in the day, Wasow would scour the archives at book-filled libraries (remember those?) and find old photos — Kodachrome ghosts of people’s lives — and then show them in his gallery. Now he uses Pinterest and a has big social-media following.

During SEEN’s last iteration, we brought you People Standing Next to Televisions, People Standing Next to Trees, and — wait for it — People Standing Next to Trees and Televisions. And now, with Mother’s Day on the horizon, we give you mothers with their children. At the very least, let this serve as a reminder to call mom on Sunday.

Found Photography: Moms on Mother’s Day