upfronts 2015

Fox Picks Up The Frankenstein Code, Which Is About a Cop Who Comes Back From the Dead to Solve Crimes

Rob Kazinsky in The Frankenstein Code. Photo: Twentieth Century Fox

As part of this year’s upfronts, Fox today announced that it had green-lit procedural The Frankenstein Code to series. The show stars Rob Kazinsky as an elderly corrupt cop who dies, only to be reborn “younger and stronger.” Will he give into the sin that ruined him the first time around, or can this undead policeman find a shot at redemption? White Collar’s Tim DeKay and Greek’s Dilshad Vadsaria co-star. If this show is canceled, expect it to be picked up by another network, where it can fix everything that was wrong with it in the original run.

Fox Picks Up The Frankenstein Code