Game of Thrones’s Iwan Rheon on Ramsay and Sansa’s Disturbing Wedding Night

Warning: This interview contains spoilers for the most recent episode of Game of Thrones.

We would say congratulations are in order for our newlyweds Ramsay and Sansa, if it weren’t for the screaming and the bruises. (It’s a wedding in Westeros — what did you expect?) Although this couple might not be too happy to be together, the actors who portray them had a blast as scene partners. “Sophie [Turner] has been absolutely amazing,” Iwan Rheon told us, calling her portrayal as his bride “mind-blowing.” Rheon chatted with Vulture about Ramsay and Sansa’s wedding night, and why Walda Frey should never ask him to babysit.

What happened to Ramsay’s promise to Littlefinger, “I’ll never hurt her“?
He did, yeah! You shouldn’t really listen to Ramsay, especially when he’s trying to dupe someone. I think that’s one of the most interesting things about him, the way he’s so good at manipulation, and he’s a fantastic actor. He’s better than me. [Laughs] He can slip in and out of different persona quite comfortably. You saw that right at the beginning, with his introduction in the show in season three. And hopefully I’ll get to do more of that kind of stuff.

Prior to this, Sansa was married to Tyrion, although they never consummated it. Do you think Ramsay really cares whether Sansa’s a virgin or not? Or is he just having a go at her?
Well, it’s quite important, isn’t it, in terms of the world and the idea that if the marriage has not been consummated therefore the marriage doesn’t stand. And every other man in Westeros would be expected to do it on the wedding night, so it’s a surprise to him that Tyrion didn’t. And that’s why Tyrion is such a wonderful character. But Ramsay’s also having a bit of fun.

When Sophie was getting ready for the Sansa-Tyrion nuptials, she got a card, “Congratulations on your fake wedding day!” Did anyone send you anything to commemorate your special day?
No! No. We didn’t get anything. I feel really upset now. [Laughs]

Maybe they can send you on a fake honeymoon instead. Let Ramsay express his romantic side, if he has one.
Yeah! I think Sansa deserves it. Maybe Dorne, surely, because there’s sun? Treat themselves to a weekend away, hunting? “Baby, I got you a weekend away in the forest! With your favorite dogs!”

We don’t see what happens, exactly, on their wedding night. Did you have an idea in your mind, what transpires between the two of them?
It’s a really horrible thing to talk about! All I’m going to say is I don’t think he’s a particularly generous or gentle lover. [Laughs]

Although with Myranda he might be, on some level. But they’re on the same page when it comes to BDSM play. Well, she’s enjoying the game. But I’m not sure she’s enjoying it quite as much as Ramsay! Myranda, he doesn’t really love her at all. She’s just a plaything that he’s got that stops him from being bored. He’s got someone as crazy as him, and so he really enjoys hanging out with her. And they obviously have a lot of rough sex, and probably some quite nice sex.

The interesting thing is, when you put Sansa into it, she carries a lot of status with her just because of her name. She’s a lady. So to him, it’s more about furthering the dynasty, furthering the status of the Boltons. As far as he’s concerned, as long as she becomes pregnant, then the job’s done, you know? He sees it like, “She’s my wife. I’m allowed to do whatever I want,” which is one of the horrible realities of that era, or the era that’s being represented in this made-up world. It’s a horrible, dark thing. But that’s her purpose, to have children, so they can carry on the family name. I don’t think it’s a domination thing with Sansa.

Someone else is already pregnant, as Roose and Walda announced, to Ramsay’s dismay. If looks could kill, that baby’s in danger …
[Chuckles] Yeah! I would say so. I would absolutely say so. It’s a pretty bleak future. The situation, it’s just a wonderful dynamic, the whole relationship between them all. Ramsay thinks he’s a big man, mouthing off and flaunting Reek, and really being horrendous to Sansa, twisting the knife, but with a smile. It’s wonderful how Roose Bolton can always shoot him down with just a “Oh, by the way…” And then Ramsay’s whole world gets turned upside-down, because the idea that he’s not the only son … Even if Roose tells him, “You’re my son. You’re my eldest son,” I don’t think Ramsay fully hears that. I don’t see them going on fishing holidays anytime soon! So it’s an interesting dynamic.

Well, Ramsay probably feels like the situation is precarious, because he was only newly legitimized …
It’s just a niggling thing that will be in the back of his mind now, and being the type of person he is, he’s planning his moves. Tactically, what is he going to do? At the moment, he’s just figuring out the situation, and then at some point, he’ll probably make a move, whatever that will be. It’ll probably be horrendous! [Laughs] If it’s for his gain, he doesn’t have any empathy for a little baby. He doesn’t care. He’s horrible! He’s a psycho bastard! [Laughs]

So maybe they shouldn’t ask him to babysit.
[Laughs] Yeah, I certainly wouldn’t. I would keep an eye on Ramsay and that baby. Keep them as far away from each other as you can. Keep him away from Walda! I wouldn’t be taking any nighttime walks along the battlements of Winterfell, if I was her! Bless her. She doesn’t know how much trouble she’s in.

In the meantime, what should people send Ramsay for a wedding present?
Knives? [Laughs] Instruments of torture?

GOT’s Iwan Rheon on Ramsay-Sansa’s Wedding Night