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4 Gorilla Grodd GIFs From Last Night’s The Flash

After much teasing, in last night’s episode of The Flash, we met a gigantic, telepathic gorilla adversary named Grodd. The episode proved that if you’ve got two hit CW shows and more to come, you get to play with all the toys in your chest. The initial trailers had us a little worried — when Grodd picked Barry up, his dangling feet made the scene look pretty fake. Fortunately, that was mostly remedied for the show.

Grodd’s been teased since the pilot, but in full view he was both menacing and thrilling. Although the episode focused a lot on Iris’s discovery that Barry is the Flash, we still got plenty of Grodd. Angry, hurt, horrible-science-experiment-gone-wrong Grodd, whom we’re kinda supposed to sympathize with, right? Sure, he’s one of the Flash’s main supervillains, but one of his powers is making his opponents feel the pain he was in and the fear he felt when he was being experimented on.

Also, he didn’t kill Joe — even though he called him a monkey, and we should all know better.

In Grodd’s “fight” against the Flash, he got hit by a train. He survived, however, to spend another day in those filthy sewers (or climbing buildings). The whole episode felt like a big tease for more to come. What did you think, nerds?

4 Grodd GIFs From Last Night’s The Flash