You Can Help Orson Welles Finish Other Side of the Wind (Kind Of)

Orson Welles. Photo: Corbis

Just in time for what would’ve been his 100th birthday, the late filmmaking legend Orson Welles is getting an ambitious present from the internet. His last movie, The Other Side of the Wind (a.k.a. cinema’s most famous unfinished, unreleased project), has become Hollywood’s latest Indiegogo campaign. Producers Filip Jan Rymsza, Jens Koethner Kaul, and Frank Marshall — all of whom have fought long and hard to nab the rights to Wind — want to raise $2 million and create movie-making history by crowd-funding the last chapter of Welles’s film and ushering this film to completion and release. Depending on your donation you’ll be dubbed anything from a “Film Lover” to a “Film Connoisseur,” and you’ll receive commemorative Welles cigars (get these before Jay Z does!), a bathrobe (necessary), a Blu-ray/DVD copy of the film (solid), or Welles’s Citizen Kane scrapbook (very rare, very expensive, hello). It’s the opportunity of a lifetime, literally, because you’ll be helping to finish — okay, you get it.

For more info, check out Rymsza’s pitch.

Help Welles Finish Other Side of the Wind