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We Now Know the Name of Andy Serkis’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens Character — But Nothing Else

Real news about Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been scarce since the project was announced, and now, six months before the film’s release, it’s still pretty much nonexistent. But one little nugget buried in a new interview with photographer Annie Leibovitz, who took photos of the cast for Vanity Fair, reveals whom Andy Serkis will be playing in the film. Meet Supreme Leader Snoke, who, like Lupita Nyongo’s character in the film, will be created using Serkis’s trusty motion-capture technology. Below is a photo of Andy on set with a bunch of those glowing dots all over his face — so you’ll just have to imagine what his character will look like in postproduction. Other than his name, the interview doesn’t reveal any details about Supreme Leader Snoke. (Though we do know he’s the voice-over in the first trailer.) It’s all but guaranteed he won’t be cuter than BB-8, though.

Here’s Who Andy Serkis Is Playing in Star Wars